South African Deep & Soulful House, Vol. 3 (Compiled by Lungzo Mofunk)

South African Deep & Soulful House, Vol. 3 (C...

34 Songs
Release Date
Soul Excursion (ft. Chymamusique)
Tolerant (Reprise)
Ibuto (Main Mix)
Ridiculous Request (ft. Julius)
Spirite in You (Vox Mix)
My Reflection
You Are My Sunshine (Main Vox Mix) [ft. Shadrack]
Never Head of Again (Extec's Original Mix)
Heartbroken (Classical Mix)
Us in the Summer Nights (Jazzy Mix) [ft. Neo]
Sea Breeze
Jazz It Up (Main Mix)
The Wish (Vox Mix) [ft. Fifi Cooper]
I Am Musical (Main Mix) [ft. Mpho and Aubrey]
Pholile (Lungzo Mofunk'S Vox Mix) [ft. Nomathemba]
Spirit (Main Mix) [ft. Chymamusique]
Deep I Am
Joy (Ten83 Joyous Mix)
Tolerant (Main Mix)
Special Someone
Blue Monday (ft. Jazzman)
The Sky (Main Mix)
Falling Instruments (Main Mix)
If You Can Walk You Can Dance (Main Mix)
Believe (Ten83 Main Dub)
I Found You (Ten83 Vox Mix) [ft. Nkagi]
I Figured (Main Vox Mix) [ft. Nkagi]
Umenyiwe (Ten83 Vox Mix)