The Tudors: Season 2 (Music From The Showtime Original Series)

The Tudors: Season 2 (Music From The Showtime...

40 Songs
Release Date
The Tudors Main Title Theme
And So It Begins
The Shape Of Things To Come
Poisoning The Soup
Katherine Stripped Of Her Jewels
Suspicions Arising / Boiled Alive
Anne Made Marquess
Plotting To Kill Anne Boleyn
Henry & Anne Conceive A Son
Anne's Coronation
Nothing On Earth Shall Spoil This Day
Henry's Changing Emotions
Cardinal Fisher's Discovery
An Opportunity For Loyalty
More Refuses To Take The Oath
More Is Jailed
Cardinal Fisher Is Executed
More Prays
Thomas More Is Executed
Dreaming Of Killing Anne Boleyn
Anne's Premonition
Smeaton's Sad Violin
Farewell To A Queen / Katherine Dies
Henry Meets Jane Seymour
Henry Injured
Cromwell's Shifting Sands
Anne Miscarries Her Baby
A King Reborn
The Investigation Of Anne Boleyn
Confessions & Arrests