Obsession Lounge, Vol. 7 (Compiled by DJ Jondal)

Obsession Lounge, Vol. 7 (Compiled by DJ Jond...

21 Songs
Release Date
Ancient Clouds
Solstice (Original Chris Coco Mix)
Beauty of Nature
Ain't That Bad
Down (Animat Remix)
Truttes Sang
The White Island
Freudenberg (Springtime Edit.)
The World Around You (feat. DJ Jondal)
First Voyage
Come to Me (Lifekiss Mix)
I Like When You Kiss Me
For All the Things We Love (Michael E Vocal Mix) [feat. Chris Deepak]
Right Here (Steffen Aaskoven & Mark George Anderson)
Circles (Flipside Remix)
The Truth Shall Set You Free