Obsession Lounge, Vol. 9 (Compiled by DJ Jondal)

Obsession Lounge, Vol. 9 (Compiled by DJ Jond...

25 Songs
Release Date
Distant Sun
Breaking My Heart
Sacred Spirit
Only Me and You (ft. Seth Sharp)
Walk with Me
Stuck in a Dream
8 a.m. Ibiza Sunrise
Balkan Route
Need to Feel Loved (ft. Zoe Durrant)
Bot Parast (ft. Massoud Elahian)
Shoudn't I Know
Les Hommes Bleus
Waiting for You
Music Is the Universal Language (ft. DJ Jondal)
Come Alive (ft. Devon Dunaway)
You Can't Fail
All I Want Is Your Love
Don't Look Back (ft. Nana & Miloud Sabri)
Herneise (Christos Fourkis Aegaen Sea Mix)
Six Senses
Melville Sings the Blues (DJ Jondal Full Mix) [ft. Leo Zabarella]