Sound unbound : excerpts and allegories from the Sub Rosa audio archives

Sound unbound : excerpts and allegories from ...

44 Songs
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Once Loved / A Footnote to Howl
Le Buste
Untitled In CoF Minor
Scratch Battle
The Creative Act
The Paper Work Explosion
Perpetual / Pop Titles 'You'
Sarah / Los Angeles Soundtrack
Eolian Episode
Reed Phase
Laka / Cool Noises pt.2
Dias dias dias / Above the Earth / Contacte
Rozart Mix
One Laptop: Theme
The Spilled Cup
General Motor Futurama (Interstitial)
Voyage For Three
Ghost Dub / René Magritte
The First Set / Area 4 / A Little Noise In The System (Moog System)
-- (Dj Spooky remix)
Cinq Études de Bruits: Étude Violette
Music In Fifths
Poème Électronique
Concret Ph
One Minute
Audience (Dj Spooky remix)
Track 01 / Dong Lim