Wumpscut: presents Dwarf Craving, Vol. 2 (An Essence of the First Eight DJ Dwarfs)

Wumpscut: presents Dwarf Craving, Vol. 2 (An ...

42 Songs
Release Date
Deliverance (Radio Mix)
All Cried Out (1St Wumpscut Cover)
Don't Go (Album Mix)
My Dear Ghoul
Deliverance (Alternative Club Mix)
Overkill (Death For The Masses)
Hold (Album Mix)
You Are a Goth
Deliverance (Reminescing Mix)
Achtung (Wumpscut Remix For Der Blutharsch)
Don't Go (Eighty 64c Remix)
Helpline (Wumpscut Remix For God's Bow)
Deliverance (Soldatengrab Remix)
Soylent Grün
Obessio (Cerebral Apoplexy Remix)
Adonai My Lord (Yendri Club Mix)
Ruda (Intro)
Schwarzer Tod
Christ Christ (Recently Deceased Remix)
Fire (Wumpscut Remix For Ambassador 21)
Ruda (When Satan Lives You Will Too)
Just a Tenderness (Turmyte Remix)
Rifki (Djdw8 Edit)
Wreath of Barbs (Radio Mix)
Crown of Thorns (Club Cut)
Die Lieb
Schäbiger Lump (Djdw8 Edit)
Wreath of Barbs (Heavy Extended Remix)
Crown of Thorns (Suicide Commando Remix)