A Billie Holiday Memorial (Remastered, Mono Version)

A Billie Holiday Memorial (Remastered, Mono V...

16 Songs
Release Date
I Cried for You (Remastered) [ft. Jonah Jones & Johnny Hodges]
Riffin' the Scotch (Remastered) [ft. Jack Teagarden & Benny Goodman]
One, Two, Button Your Shoe (Remastered)
That's Life I Guess (Remastered) [ft. Jonah Jones & Benny Goodman]
I'll Never Be the Same (Remastered) [ft. Buck Clayton & Lester Young]
My Man (Remastered) [ft. Prince Robinson]
Nice Work If You Can Get It (Remastered) [ft. Buck Clayton]
I'll Get By (Remastered) [ft. Buck Clayton, Johnny Hodges & Lester Young]
If Dreams Come True (Remastered) [ft. Buck Clayton, Benny Morton & Lester Young]
On the Sentimental Side (Remastered) [ft. Buck Clayton & Lester Young]
What Shall I Say? (Remastered) [ft. Roy Eldridge]
Long Gone Blues (Remastered) [ft. Oran Page]
It's Easy to Blame the Weather (Remastered) [ft. Roy Eldridge]
Gloomy Sunday (Remastered) [ft. Emmett Berry & Jimmy Hamilton]
Am I Blue (Remastered) [ft. Roy Eldridge & Ernie Powell]
For All We Know (Remastered)