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33 Songs
Release Date
Many Places
Fast and Slow
Le Mere Se Calme
Elements of Joy
Air (Love 2 Lounge Mix)
Paradise Beach (Top 55 Lounge Deluxe Mix)
New Life (Secret Garden Piano Mix)
Beyond the Ages
Lady Love (Radio Gaga Lounge Mix) [ft. Miss Antebellum]
Adriatic Sea
Wanna Be With You (Sunset Mix)
One Day (Boys of Noize Mix)
Chill De La Mer (Blank Guitar Relax Mix)
Maledives Beach (Islands of Chill Mix)
Any Lounge Color (Guitar Bar Classics Lounge Mix)
Sentosa Beach Cafe (Guitar Mix)
Far Away (Ibiza Sunset Café Mix)
Moonlight Kiss (Night Lounge Mix)
Les nuages flottent dans le ciel (Hotel bar costes guitar mix)
Melodia Amore (Buddha Lounge Bar Chillout Mix) [ft. Moon De Lounge]
Au Clair De La Lune (Vocal Lounge Mix) [ft. Rainfairy]
Shalom (Sephardic Jazz Lounge Mix)
Cafe Del Mar Dreams (Original Ibiza Mix)
Every Day Every Night (Beach Session Mix)
Buddha in the Lounge (Bar Cafe Night Mix)
Streets of Capetown (Lounge of Ocean Eyes Mix)
Voyageur (Beach instrumental)
Soft Clouds Over Paradise (Lounge of Love Mix)
Hope (Easy Erotic Groove Lounge Mix) [ft. Inocencia Comas]
Pura Vida (Puro Del Mar Sunset Mix)