The Wide World Over:  A 40 Year Celebration

The Wide World Over: A 40 Year Celebration

15 Songs
Release Date
March of the King Laois / Paddy's Jig / O'Keefe's - The Chattering Magpie (Reels) (Live from An Iri...
The Foggy Dew (from The Long Black Veil)
I Know My Love (from Tears of Stone)
Cotton-Eyed Joe (from Another Country)
The Magdalene Laundries (from Tears of Stone)
Live From Matt Molloy's Pub (from Water from the Well)
Morning Has Broken (New Release)
Morning Dew / Women of Ireland (from Another Country / The Chieftains Film Cuts)
Mo Ghile Mear (from Long Black Veil)
Carolan's Concerto (from The Celtic Harp)
Here's a Health to the Company (from A Chieftains Celebration)
Long Journey Home (Anthem) (from Long Journey Home)
The Rocky Road to Dublin (from Long Black Veil)
Redemption Song (New Release)