Music and Songs for the Theatre (Goldoni, Chekhov, Shakespeare, Turgenev, Miller, Griboyedov, Gorky, Beckett, Pinder)

Music and Songs for the Theatre (Goldoni, Che...

84 Songs
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Waltz (From "The Boorish")
One More Marvellous Day (From "Happy Days")
Venice Carnival (From "The Boorish")
Music Box (From "Happy Days")
Caro mio Ben (From "The Boorish") [ft. Martino Stamos Voyatzis]
Ave, Holly Light (From "Happy Days")
Felizze, Pt. 1 (From "The Boorish")
Happy Days (From "Happy Days") [ft. Rania Economidou]
Disturbance Felipeto (From "The Boorish")
Finale (From "Happy Days")
Felizze, Pt. 2 (From "The Boorish")
Unexpected Visit (From "The Caretaker")
Finale (From "The Boorish")
Waiting, Pt. 1 (From "The Caretaker")
Distress from Cleverness (Intro) (From "Distress from Cleverness")
Threat (From "The Caretaker")
He Lost It (Mazurka) (From "Distress from Cleverness")
Davies' Theme (From "The Caretaker")
It Feels Nice Being with You (From "Distress from Cleverness") [ft. Markella Hatziano & Antonis Kon...
Waiting, Pt. 2 (From "The Caretakers")
Monologue (From "Distress from Cleverness")
Desert (From "The Caretakers")
Intro Theme (Variation) (From "Distress from Cleverness")
Asylum (From "The Caretaker")
Endless Is the Road (From "One Month in the Country") [ft. Konstantinos Konstantopoulos]
What Else Can I Do? (From "The Caretaker")
Gypsy, Pt. 1 (From "One Month in the Country")
No Return (From "...In the Water")
Nocturnal Confession (From "One Month in the Country")
Nostalgia Tango (From "...In The Water")