Best of Ibiza Cafe Sunset Lounge, Vol. 1 (Chillout Guide for Smooth Lounge Music)

Best of Ibiza Cafe Sunset Lounge, Vol. 1 (Chi...

40 Songs
Release Date
My Island of Ibiza
Beautiful Nights in Ibiza
The Sound of Silence (ft. Sara Keys)
Memories (Chill Guide Mix)
All Mine (Up All Night Piano Chill Mix) [ft. Katy Del Rey]
Night Rains (Sound of Ibiza Mix)
Chill Del La Mer (Blank Cafe Relax Mix)
People Can't Stop Chillin
Adriatic Sea (DJ Lounge Del Mar vs. Milews Ambience Mix)
Brightness (ft. Debora Vilchez)
Mid Summer Nights (Luxury Deluxe Del Mar Mix)
What Are You Doing (Buddha Beach Bar Mix) [ft. Jason Underwood]
Journey to Your Soul (Cosmic Cycle Buddha Lounge Bar Mix)
The Divine Puppet (Cafe Jazzy Del Mar Mix)
Picture (Ibiza Lounge of Love)
Lost Senses (Sunshine Reggae Mix)
Chilling With the Stars (Crusin' Kandi Mix) [ft. Defy Jef]
Stars (Retro Chill Under the Sun Mix)
Room Full of Mirrors (Dione's Afterlife Chill Mix)
Chalito (Ibiza Chillhouse Lounge Mix)
Sitting On an Island (Sunset to Sunrise Chillout Mix)
Cafe Del Mar Dreams
Eres Tu (Ibiza Mix) [ft. Debora Vilchez]
Une rose pour emily (Cafe hotel french del mar mix)
Tantra Café (Sacred Spirit of Love Mix)
Where Are You Now (Kandi Hotel Enigma Mix) [ft. Hed]
Infinity (Original Ibiza Cafe Abstrait Mix) [ft. Crissy]
Something (Geronimo Chillout Mix)
Leaving Home (Elegant Gypsy Mix) [ft. Guitaragi]
Rainy Days in Shanghai