Live On Earth Climate Aliance - Global Warming Concerts

Live On Earth Climate Aliance - Global Warmin...

24 Songs
Release Date
The Deepest Blue
Deep Forest (Rainforest Mix)
You Only Live Once (See The Signs)
Walking on the moon
An Inconvenient Truth (Oh My Soul)
Casa Del Sol (Interlude)
Yasmin Garden (Flower Version)
Rainbow (Stratosphere Mix)
Sons Of Gabriel
Across The Island (Interlude)
The Day After Tomorrow (In The Year 2525)
Mother Earth (Greenpeace Mix)
Saint Peter's Return (Bono Help)
Eves Of Paradise
Bermuda Beauty (CO2 Remix) [ft. Yasmin]
Deep Blue Sea (Interlude)
Narcotic (It's Getting Hot In Here)
Water Palace (Fuel For Life)
We See The Same Sun (Night Flight)
The Rain (Pure Mix)
Autumn Leaves (The Greenhouse Effect)
Winners Save The Planet (Another World)
Love & Light (Dedicated to Al Gore)