Looking to the Past (25 Refined Pieces from Period Dramas)

Looking to the Past (25 Refined Pieces from P...

25 Songs
Release Date
Emma Opening Titles (From 'Emma') (1996 Version)
MRS. Darcy (From 'Pride and Prejudice') (2005 Version)
Wuthering Heights Main Theme (From 'Wuthering Heights') (1992 Version)
Weep No More, Sad Fountains (From 'Sense and Sensibility') (1995 Version)
Cloud Atlas Opening Title Theme (From 'Cloud Atlas')
Solomon (From 'Twelve Years a Slave')
Swan Lake, Op. 20: Waltz (From 'Anna Karenina')
Not a Beau for Miles (From 'Sense and Sensibility' 1995)
The People's House (From 'Lincoln')
Your Hands Are Cold (From 'Pride and Prejudice') (2005 Version)
Lovers (From 'Wuthering Heights') (2009 Version)
Pan's Labyrinth Lullaby (From 'Pan's Labyrinth')
The Swan (From 'Fifty Dead Men Walking')
Honor Him (From 'Gladiator')
Waltz for Peppy (From 'The Artist')
My Father's Favourite (From 'Sense and Sensibility') (1995 Version)
Liz on Top of the World (From 'Pride and Prejudice') (2005 Version)
Finale (From 'The Book Thief')
I Found Peace (From 'Wuthering Heights') (2009 Version)
Once There Was a Hushpuppy (From 'Beasts of the Southern Wild')
Ending Credits (From 'Saving Mr. Banks')
Opening Credits (From 'Great Expectations') (1946 Version)
Cathy's Theme (From 'Wuthering Heights') (1939 Adaptation)
Without You (From 'Wuthering Heights' 2009)
Estella's Theme (From 'Great Expectations' 1998)