Most Beautiful Anime Music, Vol. 4 (Instrumental)

Most Beautiful Anime Music, Vol. 4 (Instrumen...

22 Songs
Release Date
If Dreams Came True (From "Air") (Instrumental)
Kie Nai Omoi (From "Fate Stay Night") (Instrumental)
Tsubasa O Kudasai (From "K-On") (Instrumental)
Ikki's Theme (From "Saint Seiya") (Instrumental)
Human Touch (From "Gundam X") (Instrumental)
Lazy Afternoons (From "Kingdom Hearts") (Instrumental)
Hedgehog's Dilemma (From "Neon Genesis Evangelion") (Instrumental)
Arigatou Anata He (From "H2o") (Instrumental)
Illusion (From "Angel Sanctuary") (Instrumental)
Floating Museum (From "Ghost in the Shell") (Instrumental)
Eva Unit 01 (From "Neon Genesis Evangelion") (Instrumental)
Tea Party in the Reference Room (From "Clannad") (Instrumental)
Canta Per Me (From "Noir") (Instrumental)
Isn't It Lovely? (From "Kingdom Hearts")
Krone (from "Guilty crown") (Instrumental)
Tears (From "Gundam Seed Destiny") (Instrumental)
Missing You (From "Kingdom Hearts") (Instrumental)
Euterpe (From "Guilty Crown") (Instrumental)
Lizbeth Theme (From "Sword Art Online") (Instrumental)
Light's Theme (From "Death Note") (Instrumental)
Mizu No Akashi (From "Gundam Seed") (Instrumental)
Ending (From "The Legend of Zelda") (Instrumental)