Magic Island - Music for Balearic People, Vol. 7

Magic Island - Music for Balearic People, Vol...

37 Songs
Release Date
Island Ride
Into the Morning Light
Bouncing Chips
I Just Wanna Dance With You (Jukebox 80s Remix)
John Lover (DeepRock Mix)
Beautiful People
Into the Night (MI7 Edit)
Coconuts & Pineapples (High Noon At Salinas Remix)
You Are My lighthouse (MI7 Edit)
La Digue
Footsteps in the Sand (MI7 Edit)
Magic Island Vol. 7 (Continuous Mix 1)
Satellite (MI7 Intro Edit)
Minnewanka (MI7 Edit)
All Is Lost
A World for Us (Original Mix)
Celtic Beauty
Space Odyssey
Winter Tale (MI7 Edit)
Filtered Thoughts
Into the Stars (MI7 Edit)
Reasons to Live (Uplifting Club Mix)
You'll Find Me There (The Cracken Remix)