Nick Carrassi & Alessandro Porcella Presentano "Lavigna di Portovenere (The Original Hits)

Nick Carrassi & Alessandro Porcella Presentan...

13 Songs
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Rotary (Sunny Breakfast on Board)
Destiny (Make Me Sexy 2night)
Era (In2 the Vigna Groove)
Legend (Late Night @LaVigna)
One Stage (My Kissable Dream with Batì)
Fly on the Blue Side (Giuseppe into the Light Storm)
The First Day (Federica)
Night Dream
Mexico (Let's Move Babe)
No Listen (Takeiteasy @LaVigna)
Dark ViGna (LaVigna@Midnigt)
The Final Dream (My Cloudy Drink of Mind)
I sensi della nostra vita (Deep inside from the grotta to infinity)