Music from the Motion Picture The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Music from the Motion Picture The Curious Cas...

46 Songs
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Mr. Gateau
Meeting Daisy
A New Life
Love in Murmansk
Meeting Again
Mr. Button
"Little Man" Oti
Alone at Night
It Was Nice to Have Met You
Children's Games
Submarine Attack
The Hummingbird
Sunrise on Lake Pontchartrain
Daisy's Ballet Career
The Accident
Stay Out of My Life
Nothing Lasts
Some Things You Never Forget
Growing Younger
Dying Away
Love Returns
Benjamin and Daisy
"My name is Benjamin"
We Shall Walk Through the Streets of the City
"Some days I feel different"
"How old are you?"
That's How Rhythm Was Born
"When was the last time you had a woman?"