Four Rooms: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Four Rooms: Original Motion Picture Soundtrac...

29 Songs
Release Date
Vertigogo (LP Opening Credit Version)
Junglero (LP Version)
Four Rooms Swing (LP Version)
Bewitched (LP Version)
Tea And Eva In The Elevator (LP Version)
Invocation (LP Version)
Breakfast At Denny's (LP Version)
Strange Brew (LP Version)
Coven Of Witches (LP Version)
The Earthly Diana (LP Version)
Eva Seduces Ted(LP Version)
Hallway Ted (LP Version)
Headshake Rhumba (LP Version)
Skipin, Pukin, Sigfried (LP Version)
Angela (LP Version)
Punch Drunk (LP Version)
Male Bonding (LP Version)
Mariachi (LP Version)
Antes De Medianoche (LP Version)
Sentimental Journey (LP Version)
Kids Watch T.V. (LP Version)
Champagne And Needles (LP Version)
Bullseye (LP Version)
Harlem Nocturne (LP Version)
The Millionaire's Holiday (LP Version)
Ted-O-Vater (LP Version)
Vertigogo (LP Closing Credit Version)
'D' In The Hallway (LP Version)
Torchy (LP Version)