From Avenue A To The Great White Way: Yiddish & American Popular Songs 1914-1950 (2002)

From Avenue A To The Great White Way: Yiddish...

50 Songs
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In Shtedtele Nikolayev (In The Town Of Nikolayev)
Ihr Megt Gleybn Oder Neyn (You Can Believe It Or Not)
V'hakohanim (The High Priest)
Huliet, Huliet Kinderlach (Play, Play Little Children)
Inzer Rebin's Vunder (Our Rabbi's Wonder)
A Brief Finem Chosid Tsum Rebin (A Letter From A Hasid To His Rabbi)
Sha, Sha Der Rebi Geht (Shh, Shh The Rabbi's Coming)
Vu Zenen Meine Zieben Gute Yohr? (Where Are My Seven Good Years?)
Gevald! Di Bananas (Help! The Bananas)
Hot Dogs
Dos Yiddel Fun Der South (The Jew From The South)
Dem Pastuchel's Chulem (The Shepherd's Dream)
Gevalt! Di Nerven (Help! My Nerves)
Mit 40 Yohr Tzurick (Forty Years Ago)
Yes Sir, Zi Iz May Kale (Yes Sir, She Is My Bride)
Vie Iz Dos Gessele (Where Is The Little Street)
Vos Gevehn Iz Nishtu (What Was Is No More)
Beigelach (Rolls)
Who'll Buy My Bublitchki?
Zaynin Mir Chasidimlach (We Are Hasidim)
Bei mir bist du schon (To Me You Are so Beautiful)
Roumania, Roumania
What Am I Gonna Do?
I Don't Know Whether To Do It Or Not
Rose Of The Volga
Tomorrow Is Another Day