Armada Lounge, Vol. 5 (The Best Downtempo Songs For Your Listening Pleasure)

Armada Lounge, Vol. 5 (The Best Downtempo Son...

40 Songs
Release Date
Another Day On The Terrace (Chill Out Mix)
Better Half Of Me (Acoustic Mix) [feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn]
Synaesthesia (Alaska Sunset Mix)
Sweet Old Sound (Album Mix)
Playing Fields (feat. Kate Walsh)
Mindcircus (Original Version)
Impossible To Live Without You (Album Mix)
Her Lullaby (Album Mix)
So Much More (Ambient Mix)
Resource (ReChill)
Try To Be Love (Chill Out Mix)
My Sweet Dani
Silence (Acoustic Mix) [feat. Sarah McLachlan]
Witness (Acoustic Mix)
Barefoot (Album Mix)
These Walls (Album Mix) [feat. Elleah]
I Wonder Where You Are
Save Me (Dabruck & Klein Remix) [feat. Emma Lock & Klein (UK)]
Right Back (Album Mix) [feat. Romina Andrews]
These Days Are Ours (Zetandel Chill Out Mix)
Fight The Fire (Masoud Chillout Mix) [feat. Sue Mclaren]
Canon Ball (Fred Baker Chill Mix)
Island (Album Mix) [feat. Adrina Thorpe]
Serendipity (After Meridian & Dave Costa Remix) [feat. Penny Nixon]
Press On (feat. Ty Brodie)
Like I Do (Chill Out Mix) [feat. Victoria Gross]
Iceflowers (feat. Asheni)