Private Room - The Winter Lounge Session 2011/2012 - The Best in Lounge, Downtempo Grooves and Ambient Chillers

Private Room - The Winter Lounge Session 2011...

30 Songs
Release Date
Mesmerizing Moonlight - Cafe Buddah Mix
Andalucia - Ibiza Island Edit
Beautiful Island - Hotel Del Mar Mix
St.tropez - France Deluxe Edit
My People - Sunset 55 Edit
One More Sleep
Lost in the Sea
Let It All Out - Alexander Metzger Mix
Too Deep - Top Essential Mix
Raga Sundara
Time to Go Back
Simple Things - Aquatic Chill Out Mix
Tribute to Space Odyssey
Song for the Kingdom of Inside
Bridge of Sighs
Sound of Silence
While the Sun Was Sleeping
Sacred Moments - Vox Mix
Puesta Del Sol - Paradise Bar Edit
Sex On the Beach - Classic Lounge Affair Edit
Outta Sight Outta Mind
High On You - Eddie Silverton Remix
Old Newyork
One Love
Birthday Nr.1
Oriental Magic Bus