The Big House Bang! Vol. 3 - 60 House Monsters

The Big House Bang! Vol. 3 - 60 House Monster...

60 Songs
Release Date
Studio City (Livio & Roby Remix) [feat. The Comets]
The Rhythm of Life (feat. Stephan Parker)
Wrong About Me (Evolved Vocal Mix) [feat. Derek Conyer]
Dibiza (Kick Ass Mix)
Deepest Drumz (Voice Over Mix)
That Feeling (Bring It Back Again) (Balearic Soul Remix)
Foxy (M.A.S Collective Remix) [feat. Engeline]
Crazy Sax 2.0 (Version 1)
Raise Your Hands (Roger Slato Remix)
Where Do You Go (Alex Kenji Remix) [feat. Michael Feiner]
Gotta Say Yes
Turn It Up (Kid's Trick Mix) [feat. Kid Massive]
Alegria (Kid Shakers & Brown Sugar Remix)
Kiss That Funk
Black Sun (Chris Montana Remix)
Benirras Beach
Ethamin (DJ Fist Remix)
I Can Do That (Peter Brown Remix) [feat. Nessa Cali]
Gotta Believe
Prayer for the Ages (feat. Josie)
Love Key 2010 (Zedd Mix) [feat. Fisher]
Aphrodisiac (Hard Rock Sofa, Ivan Roudyk, Lt Freak Club Mix)
Sweet Dreams (Cazzette Meet At Night Mix)
No Regrets (Sl Curtiz & Zedd Remix)