This Is My Church, Vol. 2 (The Lounge Edition)

This Is My Church, Vol. 2 (The Lounge Edition...

25 Songs
Release Date
Trees (Original Mix)
Around the Planet (Original Mix)
The Bionic Man (Original Mix)
Do Not Destroy (Original Mix)
It's Your Turn (Original Mix)
I Think Tomorrow (Original Mix)
Across the Planet (Original Mix)
Look Again (Maximilian Cox's Bar Grooves Mix)
Speak Easy (Original Mix)
Please Love Me (Original Mix)
Dark Glassed (Original Mix)
Jam (Original Mix)
It's Never Too Late (Mark Tirreno Mix)
Riding the Waves (Next Project's Grand Voyage Mix)
Until Late (Original Mix)
If You Let Me (Original Mix)
Attached to Life (International Mix)
Close to Me (Deep Voyage Mix)
Let Me Dream (Original Mix)
Arrival Sunday (Original Mix)
Changes Face (Original Mix)
Run to the Finish (Frank Wasser Mix)
Come Away with Me (Original Mix)
Red Ice (Original Mix)
Always Late (Original Mix)