Champagne Club, Vol. 2 (Superb Deephouse Selection)

Champagne Club, Vol. 2 (Superb Deephouse Sele...

60 Songs
Release Date
My Mind (Mark Beautiful's Essential Deephouse Mix)
Drop It (Fashion Nights Mix)
9 A.M. (Grand Hotel Deephouse Mix)
You Are (Beach & Martini Mix)
Cometa (Shining & Deep Mix)
Take a Chance (London Grooves House Mix)
Bounty (Bassline Mix)
Give Up (Satoshy Hiko's Deep Mix) [feat. Dea Anderson]
Let the Moove (Modell & Mercier's Deep Mix)
B Bass (Jay Loyal's Underwaves Mix)
Flower in the Sun (Sun Shining Mix)
Colors (Rainbow Mix)
Slide (Aperitif Mix)
Happy Hour (Soul & Deep Mix)
Up and Down (U.M.S. Deep Mix) [feat. Don Voice]
This Game (Audio 77's Deephouse Mix) [feat. Sonia B]
Percussive (Don Quattro's Mix)
Emotional (Tony Matera's Deep Mix)
Soave (Deep Rhythms Mix)
I Give You (Heartbeat Mix)
In the Very Cross (Wany Harroll Deephouse Mix)
Dont Stop to Dancer (Chillhouse Mix) [feat. Jan Carlos]
Dear Agua (Chillhouse Del Mar)
In the Allert (Deep Groove Mix)
Rhythm on the Grind (Sensual Deep Mix)
In Reastrition (Chillhouse Midnight Mix)
Signs of Revolvation (Deep Grooves Mix)
Percoc (Passion Fruit Deephouse Mix)
My Noto (Chillhouse Mix)
Chill Vector (Chillhouse NYC Mix)