Music Inspired from Sylvester Stallone Movie Soundtracks

Music Inspired from Sylvester Stallone Movie ...

45 Songs
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Going the Distance (From "Rocky I")
Gonna Fly Now (Theme from "Rocky I")
Eye of the Tiger (From "Rocky III")
Burning Heart (From "Rocky IV")
Can't Stop the Fire (From "Rocky V")
Living in America
Go for It! (Heart and Fire) [From "Rocky V"]
Alone in the Ring (From "Rocky I")
Philadelphia Morning (From "Rocky I")
Rocky's Reward (From "Rocky I")
Take You Back (From "Rocky I")
You Take My Heart Away (From "Rocky I")
Redemption (From "Rocky I")
Keep It Up (From "Rocky V")
That's What I Said (From "Rocky Balboa")
Thought U Were the One for Me (From "Rocky V")
Keep Your Hands to Yourself (From "The Expendables")
Mississippi Queen (From "The Expendables")
The Boys Are Back in Town
Theme from the Expendables
The Wanderer (From "The Expendables 2")
Old Man (From "The Expendables 3")
It's a Long Road (From "Rambo: First Blood")
Peace in Our Life (From "Rambo: First Blood Pt. 2")
He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother (From "Rambo III")
Theme from Rambo (2008)
Theme from Demolition Man
20th Century Boy (From "Grudge Match")
Can't Hold Us (From "Grudge Match")
I'm Shipping Up to Boston (From "Grudge Match")