All About the Bass (20 Electro Monsters), Vol. 1

All About the Bass (20 Electro Monsters), Vol...

20 Songs
Release Date
Hands Up (No Work Mix)
Astharot (Lysark Remix)
Pump up the Volume (Francois Devois Remix)
Raptor Goes to Ibiza
The Bass Get's Move (Phunk Investigation Remix)
L'amour Toujours
Explosive Fly (Extra Version)
Orgasm (A. Venuti & Mr. Goaty Remix)
Little Boy 1945
Flash in the Night
My Name Is Henry Pass (Francois Devois Remix) [feat. Amoroso]
Confusion (Electro Mix)
Sex Priority
Doo Pak (Chico Mix)
The Otherside of Reality
Red Lights (Radio Edit)
Rock Dis
To the Top (Charlie Mauthe & Joe Sound Remix)
Let's Do It (Key Blacks Remix)
The Love Dimension