Jazz Hotel del Mar - Bossa Nova Cafe, Lovely Music for Romantic Moments, Elegant Lounge Bar Party, Smooth Sounds of Joy and Relaxation, Guitar, Piano, Trumpet Band

Jazz Hotel del Mar - Bossa Nova Cafe, Lovely ...

30 Songs
Release Date
Waiting for Waitress (Guitar Music)
Traces in Sunny Sand (Walk Together)
Sunshine of Your Love (Like in Paris)
Blushes on the Cheeks (Pretty Piano Song)
Curved Horizon (Beautiful Sunset)
Dancing Queen (Rhythm of Bossa Nova)
Shining Stars (End of Today’s Journey)
Lounge Sensation (Soft Music)
Cheek to Cheek (Be My Love)
Piano Bar (Smoky Jazz Club)
Without Taboo (Great Instrumental Tune)
Candle Light Dinner (Face to Face)
Beach After Dark (Moon Reflection)
Cocktails Colored by the Rainbow
Pause Time for a Moment (Big Band)
Sensual and Romantic Vibes
Do You Want to Play, Sweety
Relaxing Music in Lounge (Harmonica)
Shades of Grey Hue (50 Black & White Photos)
Retro Night Club (Classic Jazz)
Spirit of Chilling (Background Music)
Closer to Your Lips (Magic Moment)
Woman With Tiger Eyes (Falling in Love Again)
Party for Two (Give Your Heart)
Dance Me to the End of Love
Don’t Waste Your Time (Dreaming Music)
Summer Love (Playing All Together)
Whispering So Softly (Trumpet & Piano)
Back to Home (Keep Calm Music)