Top of the Fitness Kick Boxing Session (140 BPM / 32 Count)

Top of the Fitness Kick Boxing Session (140 B...

35 Songs
Release Date
Loud and Proud (Fitness Version)
We Wanna Party (Fitness Version)
Let's Get Ridiculous (Fitness Version)
Viva La Hardcore (Fitness Version)
Turbulence (Fitness Version)
No Limit (Fitness Version)
Dream Bigger (Fitness Version)
Turn Me Up (Fitness Version)
Aftershock (Fitness Version)
When the Funk Drops (Fitness Version)
A Cruel Angel's Thesis (Fitness Version)
Ready for Action (Fitness Version)
Don't Stop the Madness (Fitness Version)
Get the Party Started (Fitness Version)
Riot (Fitness Version)
Freak (Fitness Version)
Nessaja (Fitness Version)
Body Talk (Fitness Version)
Nobody Love (Fitness Version)
Make You Jump (Fitness Version)
Where Are U Now (Fitness Version)
Talking Body (Fitness Version)
Close Your Eyes (Fitness Version)
How We Party (Fitness Version)
Today (Fitness Version)
GDFR (Fitness Version)
Countdown (Fitness Version)
Push It (Fitness Version)
Jumper (Fitness Version)
Blood Is Pumpin' (Fitness Version)