It's House (Funky Uplifting House Music, Vol. 2)

It's House (Funky Uplifting House Music, Vol....

20 Songs
Release Date
Music Is My Therapy (Dave Kurtis Remix)
Knocking (Marcapasos Remix) [feat. Darryl Pandy]
Groovy Baby (Plastik Funk Listen & Repeat Mix)
Spider's Bite (Yves Larock Remix) [feat. Polina Griffith]
Free Your Mind (Plastik Funk Dub)
I Need This Rhythm (Soulgangsters Dub Mix)
In the Name of House (Ruben Alvarez Remix)
We Got Love (Club Mix)
Better World (Brad Holland & Marco Monaco Mix)
Sunshine (Ibiza Club Mix)
Touch Me (Vocal Mix) [feat. Kaysee]
No Way Back (Vocal Mix) [feat. Oz]
Watching the Sun Go Down (Latin Extended) [feat. Nita]
Time (Bongo Loverz Club Mix)
Sunrise (I Feel) (Club Mix) [feat. Free On Stage]
Crazy Sax
Is This the Groove (Doc Phatt) [feat. Brenda]
Music Will Make Everything Alright (Eddie Thoneick Mix) [feat. Corey Andrew]
Music (UK Mix) [feat. Zita]