The Get Down (Score Soundtrack from the Netflix Original Series)

The Get Down (Score Soundtrack from the Netfl...

19 Songs
Release Date
Ain't No Fairy Tale (feat. Justice Smith as Ezekiel Figuero)
Power (feat. Donna Missal & Travis Pontrelli)
One Fall We All Fall (Brothers Theme) [feat. Michael Leonhart]
Chase In The Streets (feat. Garland Jeffreys)
Pigeons (feat. Freedom Bremner)
The Get Down Brothers Funk Theme
Books and Mylene Theme
I'll Be There (feat. Herizen Guardiola as Mylene Cruz, Shyrley Rodriguez as Regina Diaz & Stefanee ...
Fuerte's Theme
Il Diablo (Pastor Cruz Theme)
Books Graffiti Speech
RaRa's Confession
Gunn's Lectures Books
Bring Me The Pakkousa
Mustard and Onions
The Notorious 3
Annie's Offer To Shao
Cadi and Shao Are Brothers
Up The Ladder To The Roof (feat. Ralph Alessi)