Balearic House Classics, Vol. 1 (25 All Time House Anthems)

Balearic House Classics, Vol. 1 (25 All Time ...

25 Songs
Release Date
Love Sensation (Midnight Express Classic Gold Edit)
Free (Eclissi Live Mix)
C'est Party! (Dethy Remix) [feat. Snoop Dogg]
There 4 You (Extended Mix) [feat. St. James]
Where Do You Go (feat. Michael Feiner)
Don't Give Up (Vocal Mix) [feat. Soul Cream]
Sweetest Day of May (Joe T Vannelli Club) [feat. Janice Robinson]
Freedom (Extended Mix)
Say What You Want (Ian Carey Vocal Mix) [feat. Miss Bunty]
Phoenix (Radio Mix)
One and One (David Morales Journey Mix) [feat. Maria Nayler]
Ibiza (Wawa Club Mix 2017 Classic Edit)
Mr. Right Now (Electric Noise Radio Edit)
Release (Bingo Players Remix) [feat. Terri B!]
Ignited (Radio Edit)
In Time (Alex Barattini Remix) [feat. MJ White]
Better Forget (DJ Martin Remix) [feat. Camille Jones]
Clothes Off (Francesco Diaz & Young Rebels Mix)
Don't Let Me Down (Eddie Thoneick Remix) [feat. Michael Feiner]
I Never Feel This Way (Club Mix) [feat. Glory]
Love No Pride (Jd's Eastside of West Dub Mix) [feat. Corey Andrew]
Downtown (Beach House Radio Mix)
Summertime (Mario Gomez Club Mix) [feat. Dhany]
Memories (Eddie Thoneick Mix) [feat. ft. Azin]
Save Me (Manyus)