Anthology: All Your Setting Suns

Anthology: All Your Setting Suns

31 Songs
Release Date
Generation Kill
We Are Legion (Live)
I Executioner
Macht Politik (Live)
Halo in Black
Delusion (Live)
New Horizon (Full Fat Mix)
New Horizon (Live)
Lost Cause
Halo in Black (Live)
Delusion (Full Fat Mix)
Lost Cause (Live)
Macht Politik
Skaro (Live)
Age of Annihilation (Full Fat Mix)
My Revelation (Live)
Blast Radius (Live)
Bones to Dust
Bones to Dust (Live)
Blast Radius
I Executioner (Live)
My Revelation (Full Fat Mix)
Red Skies
Plastic God
All Fall Down
The Space Between (Full Fat Mix)
A Glass Half Empty (Full Fat Mix)
Fragmented Reality
Killing Time (Full fat mix)