Love Infinity (2010 Live from Taipei) [愛∞無限] [台北演奏會] [Live]

Love Infinity (2010 Live from Taipei) [愛∞無限] ...

24 Songs
Release Date
Intro ~未来へ [Live]
Wings of Piano (琴之翼) [Live]
Sunflower's Prayer (向日葵的祈愿) [Live]
Yawning Lion (獅子大張嘴) [Live]
The Promise By the Carousel (旋轉木馬前的約定) [Live]
Episode I (私たちは幸福が要る) [Live]
The Breath of Sea (海洋之息) [Live]
The Season of Vanilla Bubbles (香草泡泡的季節) [Live]
Crimson Sakura (緋櫻) [Live] [feat. Musou Band]
Hua-Sui-Yue(花水月) [Live] [feat. Musou Band]
Trace of Wind (風の痕跡) [Live]
Love Infinity (愛 無限) [Live]
Missing Jasmine (茉莉 想念) [Live]
Pure White (純白) [Live]
Star Fantasia (小星星幻想曲) [Live]
思い出の箱 [Live]
Guardian Angel (守護天使) [Live]
Episode II (~雪の舞~) [Live]
Melody of Elves (精靈之歌) [Live]
Earth's Teardrops (地球之涙) [Live]
Atlantis Love (亞特蘭提斯之戀) [Live]
Encore (Live)
Reflection (鏡夜) [Live]
Freshness of Love (戀愛賞味期) [Live]