!Vamos a bailar! Let's Dance! The Dora the Explorer Music Collection

!Vamos a bailar! Let's Dance! The Dora the Ex...

67 Songs
Release Date
Dora The Explorer Theme
Backpack, Backpack!
I'm The Map!
Travel Song Medley
Let's All Move Like The Animals Do!
I Love My Boots
Reach Up & Catch The Stars!
Fairytale Land
Popping Bubbles
When You Grow Up What Will You Be?
I'm The Grumpy Old Troll
Tenemos Amigos
Super Spies!
Hurry! Hurry!
Magic Music Box
The City Of Lost Toys
Feliz Cumpleanos
Boots' Special Day
Un Dia Especial
Bate Bate Chocolate
Do The Robot Walk
The Chicken Dance
Super Silly Fiesta
The Itsy Bitsy Spider
The Fix-It Machine
Boots The Monkey!
Mary Had A Little Lamb
Super Map!
Goin' On A Berry Hunt
Bouncy Ball