Sunset Classical Guitar Fantasy for Relaxing Music Therapy, Massage, Spa

Sunset Classical Guitar Fantasy for Relaxing ...

30 Songs
Release Date
Relaxing Meditation of Warm Water and Gentle Wind
Moon Sonata of Magical Lac Vert
Romance of the Kind and Beautiful Heart
Little Sonata of My Life and Love
Clean, Fast and Gentle Healing Water of Mountain Stream
Portuguese Sunset in Portimao, Algarve
Quiet Ocean Night, Full of Music of Beautiful Dreams
Sunset Etude of San Miguel De Allende, Mexico
Medieval Russian Folk Song for Classical Guitar
Journey on the Ship of the Time in Endless Ocean of Space
Song of American Sailor in Boston
Sad and Beautiful Romance of the Night Spanish Beach for Guitar
Slow Dance of the Sea at Medieval Fortress
Whirlpool Etude for Classical Guitar
Chill out Tremolo Guitar Romance for Music Therapy
Simple Folk Dance for Russian Classical Guitar
Beautiful Love Under the Moon of Northcarolina
Relaxing and Gentle Tremolo Lullaby for Guitar
Love Story in the Himalayan Mountains
Dancing with You on Parisian Streets
Farewell Song of Love, Relaxing Classical Guitar Tremolo
Walking in Quiet Night in Malaga Castle
Stars Falling into Meditteranean Sea
French Song for Michel Labelle
Coming out of Portimao to Atlantic Ocean on the Tall Ship
Romance of Uxmal Sunset
Calming Song of Warm Soul, Relaxing Music for Guitar
Night Stars over Teotihuacan
Flying Away from My Troubles and Pain into Beautiful World of Dreams
Goodbye My Love, Good Bye My Dear Friend...