Dance Run Music Fitness Compilation, Vol. 1 (90 Songs Personal Trainer Essential Selection)

Dance Run Music Fitness Compilation, Vol. 1 (...

90 Songs
Release Date
Mashout (Extended)
Tarantella (Marco skarica extended)
Where's Your Head (Extended)
Belong to You (Edm Extended Mix)
Gotta Change Life (Extended Version) [feat. Maìla]
My Medicine (Samuel Love Remix)
Waiting For (Extended)
Dansyng (Marco Skarica Mix)
In Out
Cuz I'm Crazy (Club Mix) [feat. Fiorella Ekwueme]
The One (Housedelicious Remix) [feat. Vivian B]
Give Me the Night (Ale Oh Oh Ale) (J. Nice & Samuel Love Remix) [feat. Fabiola Tommaseo]
Oyelo (feat. Lazaro Lopez & Masta Geez)
Nam Bam Baya (feat. Kay Black)
Rom Pom Pom (feat. Lazaro Lopez & Masta Geez)
Brucero' (B@Sket Remix) [feat. Lorenza]
Waiting for Something
Pulp Noise
Todo el Mundo
Music Only (Hangover Remix) [feat. Vivian B]
Boom Boom Boom (In Our Room)
Hoje To Feliz
The One (Extended Version) [feat. Vivian B]
Te Voy a Dar (Extended) [feat. Yaimara & DJ Lucky]
Start (DJ Mauro Vay & Luke Gf Club Mix) [feat. Borillo]
Control the Rhythm