Ibiza meets Dubai (Buddha Sunset Exotic Cafe Oriental Chillout Lounge)

Ibiza meets Dubai (Buddha Sunset Exotic Cafe ...

18 Songs
Release Date
Burj Khalifa Dubai Sunset (Bar Oriental Buddha Mix)
When the Lights Go Down (Ibiza Vocal Mix)
Chalito (Ibiza Chillhouse Lounge Mix)
Don't Waste Your Breath (Beach Life Mix) [feat. Romero]
Voyageur (Beach instrumental)
Chill Del La Mer (Blank Cafe Relax Mix)
Cafe Del Mar Dreams (Original Ibiza Mix)
Dubby Sunset Sky At Cafe Del Mar (Ibiza Beach Mix)
People of Ibiza (Sunset Chillout Cafe Mix)
La Plena Noche (feat. Debora Vilchez)
How Could You Walk Away (Oriental Cafe Abu Dhabi Lounge Mix)
Save My Sould (Bar Oriental Buddha Mix)
Darbuka Sunset Del Mar (Kelly Jones Relax Cafe Mix)
Dubai Sunset At Jumeirah Bach (Lounge Chillout Del Mar Mix)
Masterpiece (Arabic Lounge Groove Remix)
Ocean Eyes (Oriental Chill Groove Cafe Mix)
The Palm Island
Dubai Island Trip