Soulfood: The Vocal House Experience

Soulfood: The Vocal House Experience

117 Songs
Release Date
Suddenly (Remix)
The Way Through the Life
All on Us
Too Hot to Touch (Club Mix)
Give Me the Sunshine (Ibiza Groove Squad Edit)
A Hero Just for One Night
I Gotta Know (Radio Edit)
Red Light (Radio Mix)
Heaven (Radio Edit)
Back to Summer (Extended Mix)
They're Not Like Us (Radio Edit)
Make Me Feel All Right (Radio Edit)
Red Dreams
World to See (Radio Edit)
Old Street (Classic House Cut Version)
Pleasure & Pain (Radio Edit)
Middle of Nowhere
Only for a Night (At the Bar Mix)
Save Me (Radio Version)
Battlefield (Radio Edit)
Don't Mind (D & J Polimeno Ukulele Remix)
That Day (feat. Bea Luna)
Spin Me Around (Mikeandtess Remix) [feat. Joan Alasta]
I Found You (A Club Tunes Remix)
Blue Motorcycle (Radio Version)
Let's Make Love (Randy Norton Silk Tropical Remix)
3 AM (Radio Version)
Chase You Down (Radio Version)