Assassin's Creed Origins (Original Game Soundtrack)

Assassin's Creed Origins (Original Game Sound...

27 Songs
Release Date
Assassin’s Creed Origins Main Theme
Return of the Medjay
Bayek of Siwa
The Shimmering Sands
The Battle of Krokodilopolis
The Tongueless Land
Legions of Blood
Dead Kings and Living Gods
Fire in the Duat
Born of the Sun
Winds of Cyrene
I Walk on Your Water
The Order of Ancients
Nomads of the White Desert
Be My Eyes
The Cracked Wall
The Alexandrian Pleiad
Desert Delirium
Apep’s Vengeance
Across the Dunes
The Last Medjay
Chthonic Invasion
A Divided Land
Ptolemy’s Lament
The Hyena's Fire
Moonlight on the Nile
Ezio’s Family (Origins Version)