Spiritual Sanity in an Insane Society, and Other Rarities, Vol. 7 (feat. Wadada)

Spiritual Sanity in an Insane Society, and Ot...

18 Songs
Release Date
Babylondon's Burning (feat. Wadada)
Brujo Magic (feat. Prince Far I & Wadada)
Magic Version (feat. Prince Far I & Wadada)
Pablo's Lament (Live at Band on the Wall, Manchester) [feat. Wadada]
Version Galore (Live in Albany Empire, London 1987) [feat. Marcel King & Wadada]
Steppin to the Music (feat. Wadada)
A Lesson in Trancedance (feat. Wadada)
The Step (feat. Wadada)
Soul to Save (feat. Wadada)
Soul to Save (Ormiston, Valentino Version) [feat. Michael Ormiston, Candida Valentino & Wadada]
Asian Rebel (Brian Hyphen Dub) [feat. Wadada]
S7 (feat. Wadada)
The Lesson (feat. Wadada)
Asirus (feat. Wadada)
Heart of the Suns (feat. Wadada)
The Heat (feat. Wadada)
One Is Many (Live in France 1997) [feat. Wadada]
Hanuman from the Underworld (Demo) [feat. Wadada]