The Music Of Nashville: Original Soundtrack Season 2, Volume 1

The Music Of Nashville: Original Soundtrack S...

17 Songs
Release Date
What If I Was Willing (feat. Chris Carmack)
Can't Get It Right (feat. Sam Palladio)
A Life That's Good (feat. Lennon & Maisy)
Ball And Chain (feat. Connie Britton & Will Chase)
This Town (feat. Clare Bowen & Charles Esten)
Trouble Is (feat. Hayden Panettiere)
Playin' Tricks (feat. Charles Esten)
Why Can't I Say Goodnight (feat. Clare Bowen & Sam Palladio)
Tell Me (feat. Aubrey Peeples)
Wayfaring Stranger (A Cappella Version) [feat. Chaley Rose]
Share With You (feat. Lennon & Maisy)
How You Learn To Live Alone (feat. Jonathan Jackson)
Can't Say No To You (feat. Hayden Panettiere & Chris Carmack)
Waitin' (feat. Clare Bowen)
Be My Girl (feat. Sam Palladio & Jonathan Jackson)
Come See About Me (feat. Clare Bowen & Chaley Rose)
A Life That's Good (feat. Charles Esten)