Prince of Persia Trilogy (Original Game Soundtracks)

Prince of Persia Trilogy (Original Game Sound...

50 Songs
Release Date
Welcome to Persia
Introducing the Prince
Prelude Fight
Behold the Sands of Time
Discover the Royal Chambers
Attack of the Sand Griffons
Don't Enter the Light
Enter the Royal Palace
The Royal Baths
Chaos in the Zoo
Lost in the Crypts
Farah Enlightens the Prince
Trouble in the Barracks
The Library
The Tower of Dawn
Reverse the Sands of Time
The Vizier Must Die
Time Only Knows
Battle the Dahaka
Conflict of the Griffins
Escape the Dahaka
An Unsafe Sanctuary
Attack at Sea
Clash in the Catacombs
Conflict at the Entrance
Confrontation in the Mechanical Tower
Military Aggression
Rooftop Engagement
Struggle in the Library
The Mystic Caves