Killswitch Engage (Expanded Edition) [2004 Remaster]

Killswitch Engage (Expanded Edition) [2004 Re...

13 Songs
Release Date
Temple From The Within (2004 Remaster)
Vide Infra (2004 Remaster)
Irresversal (2004 Remaster)
Rusted Embrace (2004 Remaster)
Prelude (2004 Remaster)
Soilborn (2004 Remaster)
Numb Sick Eyes (2004 Remaster)
In the Unblind (2004 Remaster)
One Last Sunset (2004 Remaster)
Prelude (Demo) [Bonus Track]
Soilborn (Demo) [Bonus Track]
Vide Infra (Demo) [Bonus Track]
In The Unblind (Demo) [Bonus Track]