Relaxing  Music Of Jamaica, Vol. 2

Relaxing Music Of Jamaica, Vol. 2

21 Songs
Release Date
Linstead Market & Day O
Medley: Iron Bar / Mas Charley Bell (Jamaica Farewell)
Medley of Jamaican Mento: Fan Me Solja Man, Fan Me / One Solja Man / Yah No Hear Weh De Old Man She...
Don't Fence Her in
Take Her to Jamaica
They Got It (Ghana Independence)
Island Gal Sally
Dry Weather House
This Long Time Gal a Never See You
Don't Touch Me Tomato
Medley: Come We Go Down a Unity / Old Lady O / Linstead Market
Mass Charlie (The Prisoner's Song)
Manassa With the Tight Foot Pants
Not Me (Man Smart, Woman Smarter)
Medley: Solas Market / Water Come A Mi Eye (Come Back Liza)