This Is Trojan Reggae

This Is Trojan Reggae

49 Songs
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Double Barrel
To Be Young Gifted and Black
You Can Get It If You Really Want
Black and White
Let Your Yeah Be Yeah
Help Me Make It Through the Night
Love of the Common People
Black Pearl
Sing a Little Song
Suzanne Beware of the Devil
Ire Feelings (Skanga)
Man Next Door
You're Everything to Me (feat. Rudy Thomas, Steven Stanley & Willie Lindo)
What One Dance Can Do
Girlie Girlie
OK Fred
Crying Over You
Rivers of Babylon
Kingston Town
Long Shot Kick De Bucket
54-46 Was My Number
Uptown Top Ranking
I Want To Wake Up With You
Money In My Pocket (1978 Version)
Moon River
Give and Take (Give a Little, Take a Little)