Cold Water Music (Remastered)

Cold Water Music (Remastered)

13 Songs
Release Date
Intro (Remastered)
Cold Water Music (Remastered)
The Force (Remastered) [feat. QNC]
Sail (Remastered) [feat. Kate Rogers]
Downstate (Remastered)
Ain't Got Time to Waste (Remastered) [feat. YZ]
Fat City Interlude (Remastered)
True to Hip-Hop (Remastered) [feat. AG]
Demonique (Remastered)
A Tree, A Rock and a Cloud (Remastered)
Journey to the End of the Night (Remastered)
From Here to Fame (Remastered) [feat. YZ]
From Here to Fame (Aim Remix) [Bonus Track] [feat. YZ]