PDX Pop Now! 2015 Compilation

PDX Pop Now! 2015 Compilation

38 Songs
Release Date
Trial - The Tamed West
Look What You Found - Cat Hoch
Picture of You - White Glove
All the King's Men - Dusty Fox Ft. Coco Columbia
Stopping to Start - LEO
Oh Dystopia - LEO ISLO
It Came to Me - The Domestics
Electric (Don't Even Try) - Mo Phillips
Night Jewels - Dogheart
Strangers - Pastel Mute
With a Little Help - Sunbathe
Halloween Superstore - Fringe Class
Colors On the Wall - Gold Casio
If It Does - Robin Bacior
Wayward - bed.
Bad Tattoos - Thanks
Dolphin Turned Into a Cat - Jackson Boone
Rorschach - Bibliothek
Burn - Appendixes
The Dying Lights - The Fourth Wall
Rose - Barra Brown
Hard Girl to Know - Kool Stuff Katie
Indigo - Old Wave
More Condos, Please - FINE PETS
Love Junkie - Beach Fire
As Long as We Get Along - The Weather Machine
On the Grid (Our Love Is) - Landlines
Face to Face - Luz Elena Mendoza
Killer Hips - Shadowlands
Saint - Minden