The Prince of Darkness (Original Novel Soundtrack)

The Prince of Darkness (Original Novel Soundt...

13 Songs
Release Date
The Prince of Darkness (feat. Opal)
Hearts Start 2 Break (feat. Wrangler Dan)
Open Your Point of View (feat. Optisin)
Wonderland (feat. Grizzly)
Colorless (feat. Opal)
Take off! (All My Clothes) [feat. Opal]
Shake Our Hands (feat. Goe)
Blowtorch (Night Lights) [feat. Goe & Oliver Rain]
Remade for Televisions (feat. Princess Jetta)
My Happiness (Redux) [feat. Opal]
Oh, so Hardcore (Remix) [feat. Opal]
Boat Afloat (feat. Brad Lilly)