Fargo (An Original MGM / FXP Television Series)

Fargo (An Original MGM / FXP Television Serie...

28 Songs
Release Date
Bemidji, MN (Fargo Series Main Theme)
The Long Road Home (Paint Cans)
Molly Looks for Lester
The Deer
The North
Malvo's Theme
Wrench and Numbers
Stavros' Prayer
Murderous Tundra
Fish Head
Lester Running
Bad Idea
Lester as Malvo
Gus, Pt. 2
Malvo Reinvents
The Parable (Gus' Theme)
Poor Demitri
Trading Places
Malvo Retreats
Malvo (Eyes Wide)
Gus and Molly
Malvo's Briefcase
Thin Ice
Bemidji, MN (Reprise)
Highway Snow (Fargo Series End Credits)