Patrick Melrose (Music from the Original TV Series)

Patrick Melrose (Music from the Original TV S...

34 Songs
Release Date
David Melrose Theme
Running Through the Grapevine
First Taxi Trip
Quaaludes Hit
Back at the Drake
Martinis and Tartar
Second Taxi Trip
At Loretta's
Hotel Tripping
Naked Delivery
Running to Frank E. MacDonald's
Broadway Helicopter
Come Talk to Your Dear Old Dad
Rivers of Blood
David Melrose - Piano Virtuoso
Careful with the China
Arthritis Flashback
Ferris Wheel
Squashing Ants
Falling Down Stairs
Patrick in the Tunnel
Dinner - Lurking - Stairway
End Titles
Party Preparations
Lizard - Bathroom Flashback
Catching Sonny
Don't Go Picking out the Wallpaper Just Yet